Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Real Wedding: Lauren & Schuyler Part 4

Now for a glimpse into our very limited photo session:

Little did we know that a (then rare) Florida afternoon thunderstorm was brewing, and as we walked out of the church, it was a race to get a few pictures and then make it to Ocala's Historic Downtown Square.

The picture from the previous post "The Story Behind Lauren & Schuyler" was the necessity, and we were able to fit in a few more before the clouds starting looming above.
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We raced to where the rest of the bridal party, and got juuuuust a few pictures with the whole bridal party before the skies opened on us.
Sadly, there were many more photos that I wish we had the chance to get. However, we have no control over nature. They say it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day though, right?

Up next: Reception Photos!

*All photos by CVB Photography

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