Monday, July 27, 2009

Health and Fitness: Need to Start a Program?

I try to do a health and fitness post at the beginning of the week to get myself and readers motivated for the week!

Here are some tips from WeightLadder on how to get started with a new fitness program. These tips could apply to just general life goals, not just health/fitness goals!

1. Write your goals out. If you're trying to lose some inches before looking for wedding dresses, give yourself a goal. It's recommended to be SMART about the goal. Be SPECIFIC, rather than broad. Have a MEASURABLE goal instead of something open ended. Make sure it is ACTION-based. Having something that is REALISTIC makes it more attainable than a dream. Be sure the goal is TIME ORIENTED so you get it done in a specific amount of time.

2. Ask Questions. Take a look at your lifestyle and figure out what problems may arise that would prevent you from reaching your goal. Determine what needs to be worked around and what can be eliminated all together.

3. Develop a Plan. Have a plan for how you will attain the goal. This could involve having a schedule for going to gym, or having a grocery list filled with healthy items for the week. Know what you are going to be doing before you start on achieving your goal, or else you will get lost along the way.

4. Commit to a Journal. This may or may not work for everyone. It depends on the type of person you are. A good resource would be a food diary. There are some good ones online, some are free and some you have to pay a monthly fee to use. There are even programs that you can get for your phone that will tell you the nutritional information of foods. If you want, you can also keep a written journal of your progress, how you feel, and what you do to take steps towards your goal. It's completely up to you. Basically, just try to stay accountable.

5. Begin Your Goal Now. Start trying to achieve your goal now! No more "Oh well I'll start tomorrow," or "I'll start after this party this weekend." Make the decision and start right away!

I hope these tips will inspire you to get started towards whatever goal it may be that you've chosen! Thanks to Weight Ladder for these tips!

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