Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Inspiration Board: Peach & Teal

A very dear friend of mine (best) has been obsessing over Peach and Teal colors for the past few weeks. Every so often I get an email of a photo or link with the words "Remind me I want this for my wedding that isn't happening for another 10 years."

Well, I know this time span isn't true, and I absolutely adore her, so I made a Inspiration Board to tickle her fancy. She has always talked of a beach wedding, and these colors are perfect for the beach.

Along the way, I realized how fresh and crisp the two colors are together. The combination exudes class, intimacy, and a very easygoing vibe. Peach and teal (or orange and aqua/turquoise for bolder color choices) would work wonderfully as a color palette for any season. Adding in neutrals, such as white or tan, could easily set the tone from playful to more elegant.


And I did eat a peach while searching for all of this inspiration. How could you not?


  1. Oh, it's so amazing! This is exactly what I was looking for... although you did edit my typical comment. My wedding isn't happening for at least 1,000 more years!

  2. AMAZING!! If I wasn't so obsessed with the Fall, I would totally switch my wedding colors!!


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