Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday's Finds: Beach Getaway

I'm trying to plan a weekend getaway for a weekend in August, since my birthday is next week and my husband's is the week after. I'm a strong believer that sometimes you just have to get out of town to relax. We're lucky enough to live 45 minutes to an hour away from the gorgeous West coast beaches of Florida, so it's really just a matter of finding a place that isn't booked and will let us bring our dog!

Well, all of my searching for beach cottages has put me in the traveling mood. I've come across some different items that reminded me of traveling, and just so happen to be gorgeous as well. And they also cause me to dream about living the life of a chic jet-setter.

Jane Marvel
Is it awful that I want to buy this today to have it in time for our getaway?

Wow. Really cute "On Holiday" bags from the Brandy J Collection.
And the outfits are just smashing as well.

When traveling, I like to be comfortable, and I dress according to where I'm going. A sundress usually works for me if I'm going somewhere tropical in the summer. If I'm going on a plane, I try to wear shoes that are easy to take on and off. It was cute how nearly everyone on the plane to Punta Cana (where we went for our honeymoon) was wearing a sundress or a maxi dress.

At the beach, I like light and airy outfits that are of course comfortable. Linen and cotton are perfect for beach outfits. I try to bring outfits that could easily be worn during the day and then at night by only changing the accessories. Maxi dresses are nice, but they're always so expensive, so the ones on this post are on sale for a good price!

*Outfit from Ann Taylor Loft ; Outfit from JCrew

*Shorts and top Gianni Bini @ Dillards; Top and pants Gianni Bini @ Dillards

*Dress by JCrew ; dress by Victoria's Secret

I know a lot of the items are from Dillards....I just love that store, and they have such great designers and sales!

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