Thursday, July 2, 2009

It All Started With the Invitations

While trying to decide on invitations, I was frantically Googling for ideas. I had already looked through the big invitation binders (approximately 6 of them, thanks to my wedding planner), but I felt like there was more out there. So, with an ordering deadline approaching, I began my search. After hours of searching for local stationary stores, I came up empty handed. Then, I clicked on a link for Emily Ley Paper, a local stationary designer. I instantly fell in love with the idea of having a PERSON design my invitations instead of a corporate owned machine.

Now that this new concept was in my head, the deadline for ordering was looming, and I was ignoring it. I continued my search, but expanded into the newly discovered world of wedding blogs. I spent hours on SMP, drooling over the color palettes, flowers, venues, and custom invitations. I was hooked.
Devastatingly, I researched and drooled for too long, and didn't have enough time to have my invitations custom made. Although my invitations were beautiful, I still find myself lusting over custom designed invitations. The possibilities are truly endless! There are so many designers out there, and thanks to the blogging community, their styles are showcased wonderfully. If there was one thing that I would change about my wedding, I would've started looking at wedding blogs way earlier than 5 months before my wedding, and then I would've definitely been able to have my dream custom invitations!

Some examples of what I drool over...

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