Thursday, July 2, 2009

About Me

I'm new to the blogging community, but I've been a blog stalker for a while. I firmly believe that if it weren't for blogs, my wedding wouldn't have been half as amazing as it was. {Thank you to my best friend and Emily from Emily Ley Paper for introducing me to the blog world!} It helped tremendously to have other "minds" to pull ideas from. Blogs enabled me to find ideas and inspiration for my wedding, making the vision I had come to life.

I want to help my readers find their vision and help it come to life. A vision is not complete without designs. I believe that design is the key to a wedding. Design is what is used to "brand" a wedding. Branding a wedding is spoken of everywhere, and I look for designs that emulate the brand of a wedding. Every aspect of a wedding has come from some sort of design; from the dress to the programs. It's all in the details!

Anything and everything related to design will be on this blog, whether it be for the home, office, or wedding. I am willing to be another "mind" for you, and if you need any inspiration help, please let me know! I hope I can help my readers bring their visions to life!

{Update: Throughout the past few months of blogging and being immersed in the wedding industry, I have decided to pursue the career goal of wedding planning! This blog will also be focusing on different aspects of planning a wedding, as well as continuing to provide inspiration for brides. A completely new and redesigned blog will be coming soon, so be on the lookout!}


  1. I LOVE IT!! Great job Lauren! Thanks for the shout-out also!! Kudos to you for following your heart and starting your new blog! I'll be checking in! LOVE the yellow and gray post! Even as I start "goodpaper" I'm still obsessed with the colors and cant wait to pull them into the design. I'll be following! :)

  2. Cool idea, I don't follow any blogs at all but this makes me want to!


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