Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday's Finds: Vintage Shoes

The popular trend this year is for brides to wear colored or eccentric shoes with their wedding dresses. For me, white really wasn't an option. I looked, for months, but nothing white was right. One day, when I had pretty much given up, I found the perfect pair of brown shoes by one of my favorite designers, ON SALE for $26. I was ecstatic!


So, going with the eccentric wedding dress show trend, I came across this vintage store, Small Earth Vintage, by way of Modish. Apparently they just got a bunch of vintage shoes from an old shoe store that has been closed down for 25 years. The shoes are in their original boxes. It would be quite an interesting addition to your wedding ensemble to have a pair of these adorable vintage shoes!

*Images from Modish

Any of these can easily be work again- to work or out on the town! I just may have to snatch up a pair for myself....

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