Monday, November 2, 2009

DIY Monday: Stir Sticks

For this week's DIY project, I thought some stir sticks would be a fun and easy project to do! Stir sticks will add instant pizazz to the drinks served at your cocktail hour or bridal shower! They may be small, but they will definitely add A LOT to the look of your event!

{Instructions from Abby: So, all you need to do is print this template out on 80lb card stock (try Paper Source). Using a 3.5″ hole punch, cut out the circles. Then using either a small amount of glue or some double stick tape, adhere them to corn dog or popsicle sticks (corn dog sticks are a little bit longer). Voila!}

{Click on the link above. You can save the templates and change the wording yourself in Word or Photoshop!}

{The stir stick designs above are $10 for the template, and can be color customized for $5-10, depending on how much customization you would like done! Take a look at the options, they're super cute! You just download your custom labels, print them out, and cut or punch out (using a 1.5 inch round punch) to your heart's content!}

Via Style Me Pretty

{Another stir stick project from Style Me Pretty! The materials needed and step-by-step instructions can be found at this link. They're a bit more than just cutting out circles, but they look great!}

I'm imagining a photo of several drink glasses in guests' hands, with gorgeous stir sticks in them! It may be something small, but it can add a huge amount of pretty detail to your event! Is anyone planning on using stir sticks like these at their wedding or bridal shower?

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