Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wedding Photo Booth Options

Photo booths have been popping up at weddings all over lately! It's a great way to provide something to entertain your guests, and it's a great ice breaker too! And of course you can capture some of the memories of your wedding with the photos. There are several different ways that photo booths can be done, but no matter which one you choose, they're all incredibly fun and everyone loves them!

Rental: Renting an actual photo booth is one of the options you have if you want a photo booth at your wedding. Your guests just press a button to take 4 poses of pictures, and they take the photos home with them as a reminder of how much fun they had at your wedding! You can also get a guest book of all of the photos that your guests take- a great alternative to the traditional guest book!

Photo via Tampa Shutterbooth

Photographer: If you don't have it in your budget to rent a photo booth, you can always have your photographer set one up! Talk to your photographer about having an assistant man the "smile booth" station and take photos of your guests! You can make a cool backdrop for the booth, or just use a pretty corner at your reception. To add even more fun to the photo booth concept, you can add props or a sign for guests to write a message to you and your new husband!

Photo by Pure Photography by Lindsey

Photo by Our Labor of Love

Via Swanky Tables, by Studio Booth
(This can be rented from Studio Booth, or if you're ambitious, I'm sure it could be made!)

DIY: If none of the above options are viable, you can always create a DIY photo booth! It may not be a "photo booth", more like a photo station, but your guests will still have fun! There a few ways to do a DIY Photo Station. You can provide a few cameras for guests to take photos of each other. You can even go so far as to buy a remote for the camera and set up a camera stand. Another option would be to buy a Polariod so guests can just take the photos home, or you can have them paste the photos into a guestbook!

Via The Bride's Cafe

No matter which way you choose to do a photo booth, guests will have a blast with it, and you will have great memories from your wedding! Who's planning on doing a photo or smile booth at their wedding?


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