Monday, November 16, 2009

DIY Letterpress? Yes Please!

Everyone knows how much I love letterpress, and when I heard about this giveaway on iDIY, I was jumping out of my chair with excitement! iDIY is giving away Lifestyle Craft's L Letterpress to ONE special winner! If you're considering doing your invitations yourself, take a look at this wonderful new letterpress machine!

Photo via iDIY

Letterpress is an intricate process, since it's done by hand, one-by-one, piece-by-piece, but it's gorgeous and it adds a special element to whatever you're letterpressing! You can use the L Letterpress to make invitations, thank you cards, business cards...whatever your heart desires!

Photo via iDIY

Don't you want to be able to do beautiful letterpress on your own?! The contest ends this Wednesday at 11:59PM EST, so go over to iDIY and get your entries in to win this amazing contraption!

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