Monday, November 16, 2009

My Paper Cranes in a Photoshoot!

When I was going through my blog reader, I stumbled upon this photo board on Limelight Photography's blog, said, "oh that's pretty", and then I realized it included some of my handiwork! I got excited and had to share it!

This photo shoot was designed by MMD Events, a company that I work for, and they asked me to help out with part of the design. What part is that, you ask? Well, paper cranes. Yes, I taught myself how to make paper cranes. Four tutorials and lots of folded paper later, I can now make paper cranes in my sleep! It was so much fun to teach myself a new skill! And now to see not one, but two photos of my work is so exciting!

Paper cranes included, the photo shoot turned out beautifully! The white, the crystals, the sparkle, the lighting! Limelight took some amazing photos, and I absolutely love the white and sparkle factor! Hopefully I'll be posting some larger and more close-up photos soon!

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