Monday, November 9, 2009

DIY Monday: Tin Can Lanterns

These tin can lanterns are perfect for a rustic outdoor wedding at any time of year. I can imagine these lanterns lining the aisle of an evening ceremony or the walkways outside of a reception, instead of using the paper luminaries that are commonly seen. They would be especially great now, since with the time change it's now dark by 6:00 PM!

Via Intimate Weddings Blog

You can go over to the Intimate Weddings Blog for directions on how to make these lanterns. They seem simple enough! It basically involves a pattern, something to poke holes through the can, and spray paint in your choice of color.

What a great way to recycle cans and be able to reuse them! These would even be great to use as holiday decorations with holiday patterns and colors. Whatever event you decide to make these for, they're a great addition of candlelight and decor!

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