Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunset Inspiration Board

The inspiration for this board is the photo of the sunset below. The pink and orange in a sunset is such a beautiful showcase of nature, and wonderful color theme for a wedding!

Using orange and pink in a wedding can be done in various ways. As with any color scheme, the tone of the colors can also determine the tone of the wedding. A bold orange and fushia would be perfect for a casual outdoor beach wedding, but they will also be perfect for an elegant ballroom event. The same can be done with lighter pastel shades of orange and pink. It's of course all in the details and how they're presented!

Row 1: Bouquet, Sunset, Parasols
Row 2: Centerpiece, Fushia Bridesmaids
Row 3: Cake, Escort Cards, Lighting
Row 4: Reception, Bouquet, Candle

I LOVE the pink and orange parasols! And the lighting design! I've never seen anything like that! So many cool things can be done to create a sunset themed wedding! Any other ideas? Share them in the comments!

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