Friday, November 13, 2009

Add Some Fun to Your Photos With Smitten Sticks!

After yesterday's post about photo and smile booths, I thought I would continue it a little by sharing these amazing Smitten Sticks!

Photo via Smitten Sticks

Smitten Sticks are handmade paper expressions, mustaches and the like, mounted on a stick for easy handholding. They’re simple, playful and perfect for creating those fun moments just begging to be captured, whether it’s during a wedding, birthday party or any other celebration rife with photo ops.

Photo via Smitten Sticks

Smitten Sticks are the collaboration of Edyta, a wedding photographer, and Vana of Le Papier Studio. Edyta was forever on the hunt for creative, quirky and clever props for her brides and grooms to incorporate into their wedding photos. It dawned on her that in order to get the quality and aesthetic that she and her clients demand, she’d just have to make them herself! She had the inspiration and Vana was the perfect partner to make her vision come to life. Together they created these great props that are showing up all over weddings and parties!

Photo via Smitten Sticks

You can get your hands on some of these Smitten Sticks by going to their Etsy store and purchasing a Smitten Stick package! And lucky you, Smitten Sticks has teamed up with Southern Weddings Magazine for a giveaway! It ends today at 11PM, and all you have to do is make a comment about what makes you the happiest in life!

Who wants to use some of these Smitten Sticks in their photos?

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