Monday, November 23, 2009

DIY Holiday Decor: Ribbon Wreath

This week officially starts the holiday season for many people, but it's kind of hard for me to get in the "spirit" when it's still 80 degrees outside! So, to start getting in the holiday spirit, I thought I would share this DIY piece of holiday decor that was found on iDIY.

Using grosgrain ribbon, some scissors, and a a foam wreath form, you can create a homemade wreath! The full materials needed and instructions can be found on the long thread, and step-by-step photos are here on Weddingbee. Use whatever color you want, or combine different colors to make a multicolored wreath. The wreath isn't really exclusively holiday-ish, so you can even use a color that matches the decor in your house and have it hanging year-round!

If you're looking to add some decor to your wedding, these are great for a rustic wedding! You can hang different sizes of these wreaths from trees or off of fence posts.

I'm going to be starting my holiday crafting this weekend while I'm at my parents' for the holidays, and this wreath is at the top of my list. There will be more DIY holiday decor items to come...I've been accumulating them! Has anyone ever made any other type of holiday decor? Or used something like this in their wedding decor?

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