Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday? What Black Friday?

I've never been the one that wakes up at 4 AM to go shop Black Friday deals. It must be my mom's fault, because she never wanted to partake in the post Thanksgiving deal finding. But why participate in Black Friday when you have the internet?! Most internet retailers are now offering deals over the weekend, as well as on Monday, which has been dubbed "Cyber Monday".

These are just a few of the stores offering deals online:

Oh It's a shopper's heaven. You can find just about anything, and it's usually at a lower price than you will find in stores. Plus, they're having Black Friday AND Cyber Monday deals. I got a $400 Garmin last year for $199...amazing, right? And they have that great Wish List feature, so you can tell your family, and make them do it too!

And of course is having deals for this weekend as well!

I recently found the yokomono Studio on a blog, and they have some great bags and home goods! Everything is 20% off for this weekend! Here is the Multi Pockets Pouch that I'm loving...

Ann Taylor Loft is having a special Style Steals deal lasting until Sunday. Sweaters and jeans are all under $29!

I know these are just a few of the stores offering deals, and there are a ton more online! However, after seeing some of the deals at clothing stores, I just might have to stop in to try some things on. Other than that, all of my shopping will be done online this year! What other stores are offering great deals online? Did anyone hit the stores for Black Friday this year?

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