Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fun and Bright Letterpress Invitations

I LOVE letterpress, and if you don't know what letterpress is, let me explain. It is basically the best thing EVER to happen to paper. If you're a technical person, you can read about letterpress as it is defined by Wikipedia. In layman's terms, it's when the design and ink is pressed into thick, luxurious paper, creating a beautiful piece of paper artwork.

Letterpress is usually reserved for very elegant invitations. Now I'm seeing more letterpress invitations using brighter colors and more design. They're all, of course, still incredibly elegant, but a pop of color always adds a bit of fun to anything!

These invitations by Louella Press have it all- gorgeous letterpress, colors that pop, a great design, and super fun wording!

Photos via Louella Court

It would brighten anyone's day to receive beautiful and bright invitations like these in the mail! I know I would be replying with the "Wouldn't Miss It" and "Aces" selections!

Has anyone ever received a letterpress invitation or card? OR is anyone considering letterpress invitations for their wedding?

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