Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gorgeous Wedding Cakes

When people attend a wedding, there are usually certain things that they expect to see. One of these things is of course the cake!

Wedding cakes often become the focal point of the whole reception. The design of the cake usually coincides with the theme of the wedding, so they are commonly integrated into the design and decor of the event.

Here are some gorgeous cakes of different styles for you to enjoy...too bad we can't REALLY enjoy them!

{Chic and Classic Cakes}

All of the above cakes by Sweet and Saucy

{Innovative and Modern Cakes}

Above cakes by KB's Kake Kreations

Cake by Sin

I hope these amazing cakes haven't made you crave cake too much! I know I'm fighting off an urge to have some sort of sweet!

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