Monday, October 26, 2009

DIY Monday: Fall Family Tree

Since this is the last week of October, I thought I would end it with this pretty DIY project. Laurie Cinotto shared this craft with The Bride's Cafe as an alternative to displaying family photos at a wedding. This fall family tree would make a wonderful piece of decor at a wedding, but it would also be incredibly functional as a piece of home decor!

It could even be revamped a little bit! The possibilities go on and on-small palm branches for a beach wedding, or willow branches for a spring wedding. Add some Christmas tree branches, different colors and shapes of ornaments, candy canes, or snowflakes, and voila- you have a new holiday decoration! Full instructions and more photos are on The Bride's Cafe.

Using something like this would also be an excellent way to do escort cards! I see escort card displays being integrated into the decor of an event more and more, and I love it! Is anyone thinking of using something like this for their wedding or event?

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