Monday, August 31, 2009

Wedding Options: Entertainment

Your wedding is a celebration of you and your fiance's love for each other. A celebration, of course, calls for entertainment!

The most common entertainment option is a DJ. A DJ is inexpensive and has the potential to provide a great deal of entertainment. They also are able to play all types of music, whereas a band can only play a few types of music. When choosing a DJ, make sure they have recommendations from other clients, because some may not be appropriate for a wedding.

Photo from author's personal collection, by CvB-Photography

A band has the immediate WOW factor in the entertainment arena. They are, however, more costly than a DJ. A good band will know the flow of weddings, and they will coordinate with your planner so they can emcee the event. They'll keep the dance floor packed and the music flowing. A band can add a certain something to a wedding with the live music and interaction.

If you can't decide between a DJ or a band, you can have both! Some weddings will have a band in the early hours of the reception, and a DJ later on to keep the party going. It's a great way to come to a happy medium if you're torn between the two.

Another option for entertainment is to have an instrumental group. This will provide a more formal feel to the evening. A string quartet is the most common instrumental group at weddings. Instrumental groups are a great option for a cocktail hour or a cocktail and hor d'ouerve reception.

Photo by Evrim Icoz Photography

An entertaining take on wedding entertainment that I've seen recently is dueling pianos. Now, you certainly have to be a piano lover, and your wedding guests will definitely have to be fun-loving. But what a fun way to interact with your guests and have a great time! I'm sure the pianos would play normal music and only duel at times that you specify or request. I would love to be at a wedding with this form of entertainment!

Photo via Jellyrolls Piano Men

There are many different ways that you can provide entertainment to your guests. Some are run-of-the-mill, and some are incredibly different! Whatever it is that you decide, make sure it's something that YOU will enjoy too!

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