Friday, August 28, 2009

Turning a House Into a Home

"Turning a house into a home". This saying has been heard many times, for many years. But I recently experienced the truth in it. My husband and I lived together before getting married, but it felt like we were just living in a "house". We had no pictures on the wall and nothing matched. The house just didn't have any sort of ebb and flow to it.

So, I talked my mom into coming down for a weekend to help me turn our house into a "home". We spent a day cleaning every nook and cranny, and the next day we set out to hunt for decorative items for the "house to home" transformation.

We actually found most of our decor items at Ross. They had a great selection of decorative items! And cheap at that! We cleaned out Ross, and within a few hours, the transformation of a house into a home was complete.

Transforming my house into a home really played a hand in our transition into being married. The house, now our home, felt cohesive and more relaxing. It's amazing what a few pieces of matching furniture and things on the wall can do to a space!

*Image via Design Formula

*Image via Canadian House and Home

Image via LeentheGraphicsQueen Etsy shop

Image via cpearson6's Etsy shop

There are so many options when decorating! You can use photos, framed prints, vintage plates, wall hangings, decals....there are a plethora of items that can be used to create decor.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for those who are trying to transform their house into a home?

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