Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inpsiration Board: Neutral Elegance

The inspiration to create a neutral inspiration board came from the photo below that has bridesmaids in different colored dresses. I love the trend of having different colored bridesmaid dresses, but these go together beautifully!

A neutral color palette doesn't have to be boring and bland. Accent colors paired with neutral tones can add tremendously to the palette, and they can be displayed minimally or all over the event. Pale pastel colors, such as a light pink or pale yellow, paired with neutral tones make for an elegant and classy event. These color palettes can also be used for a wedding taking place in any season! If you want to have a beautiful and elegant wedding, consider a neutral color combination!

Row 1: Cake; Bridesmaids and Bride photo by Todd Pellowe
Row 2: Invitations; Tablescape; Bouquet photo by Ashley Brockinton Photography
Row 3: Tuxes; Reception photo by Todd Pellowe

1 comment:

  1. Those invites are GORGEOUS! And I love that all the bridesmaids have different dresses!! I had considered that for my wedding, but didn't end up doing it. Kinda wishin I had now, it looks great!


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