Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Inspiration Board: Mason Jar Designs

For some reason, I was feeling very drawn to mason jars today. It could have been the posts on blogs today that included mason jars. But I have been thinking of them recently, since one of my brides is using them in her centerpieces in October. Plus, I absolutely love their versatility!

My love for mason jars probably started when my husband came home one day with a case of mason jars, because he had an intense urge to drink out of one. So then I had mason jars all around me, and it was then that I decided to use them to make my bridal shower favors- the good old "recipe in a jar" gift. I had always wanted to make the "recipe in a jar" gift, so I took my chance! Plus, I love to bake, so I used my own tried and true recipes.

Mason jars can be used for a plethora of wedding related items- from centerpieces, to lanterns, to glasses for signature drinks! They can be rustic and classy, country and fun, big or small. It all depends on how they are showcased and what they are used for.


*Row 1: Lantern; Drink Dispensers; Centerpiece; Centerpiece
*Row 2: Place Setting; Drink Station; Lantern; Votives
*Row 3: Mason Jar Drinks; Centerpiece; Cookie Mix; Drink Station

It looks like Mason Jars are becoming quite popular in weddings...are you planning on using them in your wedding?


  1. O, love love love this post!! Now I want to use mason jars for more than just the centerpieces, so we gotta figure out where else we can use them!!

  2. And your right, it seems these mason jars are becoming quite popular! When I decided to use them I didn't see them anywhere and now they are all over the place!


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