Friday, August 7, 2009

Edible Wedding Favors

Going with the food theme from the previous post, I thought I would share some ideas for edible wedding favors. We all know that wedding favors are very often left at the venue, tossed away, or just never used. However, edible wedding favors will always be enjoyed and remembered!

Here are just a few ideas for edible wedding favors. Just about anything that you can think of can be a favor! Edible favors are great for personalizing as well-you can add your monogram, names, or any other design element that you're using throughout the wedding. And you can either have a company make them for you, or do them yourself (and enlist the help of friends and family). It can be a great way to save money too!

*Photo from Busy Brides Blog

*Photo from DIY Wedding

*Photo from We Create Together

*Photo from Intimate Weddings

*Photo from author's personal collection

For our favors, we wanted something that was actually going to be used. We wanted it to reflect who we are as a couple. We absolutely love to cook. It only made sense to give our guests something that played into cooking. So we decided on gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic Vinegar (see photo above). It helped that my (then future) father-in-law distributes these items, and we were able to get them at cost. We filled small bottles with the EVOO and vinegar and I made decorative labels for the bottles. The guests are still raving about their favors, and how much they enjoyed it! That was just the reaction we wanted.

When it comes to deciding on your wedding favor, just think about something that you and your fiance enjoy. It's the best way to share a part of your life with your guests!

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