Friday, December 4, 2009

Rocker Chic Bridesmaid Necklaces

You may remember a recent Real Wedding that was featured by K&K Photography. I was absolutely in love with the jewelry that the bride and bridesmaids were wearing, and I was searching all over for them! Well, I recently found out that the bride, Lacey, actually made the bridesmaids' necklaces! I think those necklaces achieved the "vintage rocker" look perfectly and were stunning in photos, so I definitely had to share this find!

Lacey began her jewelry company, Pink Lacey, based on the inspirations from her travels and experiences while on the road singing back up for a music artist. An especially intriguing aspect of her designs is that they're all designed with guitar picks!

Several music artists, such as Miley Cyrus and Faith Hill, are wearing Pink Lacey too! Pink Lacey jewelry is perfect for a rock-and-roll wedding! Some of the pieces would make great holiday gifts as well! Be sure to keep this gorgeous jewelry in mind for your rocker chic friend, or for yourself!

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